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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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we are saying that there needs to be a nexus for priority impact that will provide much more impact -- priority over allocation and we will not be in the weeds in terms of identifying artists within the arts commission in using their expertise. that is why we are seeing it lined up with the community benefits program. so, that is why we have realigned resources. the only other thing for context, the art commission dollars go throughout the service area. there will be a big impact here. there are other capital works on going. from yosemite to santa clara county, for the purposes of
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making sure that there is clarity on that. we could make it more specific on community invasion, so that people know where resources are telling without it getting to stuff not moving. >> that makes sense and i just want to make sure, first of all whether that mou should come back to us before it is finally signed, and whether or not we want something in their that provides dollar amounts around specific projects. maybe there is a five million- dollar art project, perhaps coming before this commission to be responsible for significant dollars. it seems that, because the positions have been raised, it would be another opportunity for public input before it is finalized.
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>> great. >> i do not know if that makes -- >> the resolution directs us into investments for public art and gives direction to the general manager to give the work to sign the mou. >> but there is no problem with continuing this item for filing this item? we have been the light plant in getting this discussion to you, so we wanted to make sure that there was an item before you. there is no problem at all with going to hearing and coming back. >> would it be alright to amend the resolution as such where the people involved say that the puc will negotiate and bring back to the commission a memorandum of implemented requirements?
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is there a motion to adopt a that amendment? >> i am still concerned about the concerns of commissioner cane. are they still in context? >> i think so. we will put the motion on the table to make sure that the amendment addresses those concerns. >> [unintelligible] >> i am asking for a motion to amend the the current resolution in the first result rather than authorizing entrance into the mou at this time for implementation rather than going back for negotiations. so that we can see it before it is implemented. >> we will know who provided or paid for these works of art?
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more forward-looking than spider? >> those pieces of art are all past tense. >> they were paired off? made by artisans in san francisco? >> not all of them, and though. >> i only see three of them here. >> right. >> not to put you on the spot -- >> i do not want to put anyone on the spot, i just want answers. >> i will share what i know. is this helpful to respond? >> i want to make sure that future dollars from this do not go to artists outside of san francisco. people might not -- people might love this wouldn't spider, if it cost a lot of money and goes to a san francisco artist, i am happy.
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>> a deeper impact was why we were trying to stay in line. >> an encouragement for local artists in local communities, which i am fine with. >> is there a second? >> for what? >> for the amendment to enter into negotiations to move this process forward. >> bringing mou back for discussion or subsequent meeting by september, right? >> the arts commission by the end of august would not be entering intuito it. >> yes, i will second it. >> they will not be entering it at this time to discuss another mou. >> there are certain things
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within the resolution itself that can be handled. >> not if we handle it this way. >> mou is much more detail on a lower level than this. if you have suggestions for what you like, feel free to tell us nell or in the next month. -- nasrallah -- now or in the next month. >> we do not have approval. that is not in here. >> local artists in the presentation, you had that -- >> i would be happy to put that back in. >> maybe we should continue this item. i want to give you enough time. >> the arts commission has
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requested that we timeline this for the end of august based on their schedules. >> can we continue this item to the end of august? >> why do we have to comply with an arts commission? why not take the time necessary to do the right thing? >> absolutely. it seems as if the staff needs until the end of august. what is that? two months? >> i will work with you on that. >> hearing no objection, we will continue with the next item. >> the last item in our own meeting, item number 12, discussion and possible action to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute on behalf of the city and county with three regional job training
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and opportunity program grant arrangements, providers in the amount of $150,000 per year with a two year funding commitment, for a total not to exceed the amount of $900,000 to help satisfy the employment development goals and requirements for disadvantaged worker participation on water system improvement program projects within the hatch tetchy regional water system service territory. >> thank you. >> is there any comment from the public on this item? questions from commissioners? those in favor? opposed? the motion carries. [applause] >> there was one item -- >> we get things done around
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here. >> yes, please. we will introduce everyone who has worked so hard on this project. >> by the name, my name is [unintelligible] the regional director of the work force initiative. i wanted to introduce the three service providers from the region. first, we have [unintelligible] from alameda county. [applause] you might have seen him on "60 minutes" a few years back. getting this city academy off the ground in san francisco. thank you so much for helping us with that. the next is job training in san mateo county. [applause] >> [inaudible]
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[applause] >> the third is be bill from sandbox team -- big bill from san juoqim. >> [inaudible] >> thank you, commissioners.
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[applause] >> thank you. the commission thinks you all for your work on this and we look forward to working more together in the future. now what we will go back to item no. 8 really quick. i know that some of the folks from the garden project are here as well and this is the item that we took out of order. >> by will try to be brief. i know that there is more agenda for the afternoon. i am here to give the quarterly update on the citizens advisory committee. welcome again. the restriction here underscores the importance of doing meetings in the neighborhoods where the facilities are with of the folks that live there. i strongly encourage you to do this by and other neighborhoods as well as you go about
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scheduling your agendas. a few brief things, i wanted to introduce a bunch of new members that we got in the past quarter. over the past quarter we had six new members. three of them are here today. [unintelligible] out of district two. the young lady standing here, [unintelligible] out of district 6, i believe, is with that the senate -- san francisco foundation and has been working with the a lot. [unintelligible] spoke earlier, the district 10 supervisor rep. where is steven bell that is steven, who is an engineer. they continue to bring a level of expertise on a variety of different issues and i hope that we will be able to continue
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working with them to move forward proposals to you that have a broad level of support. a few things that we have already worked dawn, i think that folks can take a look at that. >> excuse me. please keep it down in the back. thank you. >> a few items on the agenda over the next several months, obviously we will continue to follow the waste water master plan with a particular emphasis on green infrastructure and making sure that these investments are seen in neighborhoods like this. that is actually going to be the infrastructure in the model program within the redevelopment agency. that is the type of stuff we want to see in other neighborhoods as to implement the sesc.
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programs with the power side and the water side, they will obviously continue to follow for the next few weeks, of rolling out some of the work going on with a cycling on the east side that will be felt fear. without further delay, i want to move this thing a rock -- along. thank you. >> thank you. we want to melt -- welcome any members of the sitter -- citizens advisory committee. we welcome all of your hard work, fox, and ideas as we move into the program. thank you again for your work. so, nell, the garden project. they are not on the agenda, but we will take public comment.
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[applause] so, if you would like to come up here and make public comments, please keep them to two minutes, if he would. and if you could please introduce yourselves, that would be great. >> i work with kathryn at the grand project. i wanted to touch on a couple of things. first and foremost, i am grateful to everyone that contributed to the project. i wanted to say that the garden project does help. there were a lot of people that if they were not at the garden project, they would be on the streets. i know that if it was not for
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the garden project, they would be on the streets. they were working on cutting planned parenthood, which i do not think is a good thing. without that -- i do not think that some of those females, and i was looking -- listening to a lot of females on the art project. i wanted to say how the project helps students and gives us job skills and stuff. many of the men and women that work with us, if they were not with the garden project, they would be on the streets. many of the men and women go to jail just because they are on the streets. personally, for me, my mother recently lost her job. i do not know if you understand
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what it is like to take care of your children with no income. but it is really hard to watch your mother go through that. that is how the garden project helped me. i am thankful for it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> hello. my name is monique and i wanted to come up here and express how thankful and appreciative i am for the water project. -- garden project. i have been here for one year now. there was a group throughout the school year. i just graduated from abraham lincoln. i am 17. it is hard to find the right job in this neighborhood. it is really hard.
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i am not 18 and i cannot get a refill job. the garden project, it really helps you. they push you, they encourage you. catherine really helped us and encouraged us. they teach you morals, but at the same time i am going to college this august, and money is tight. [applause] money is tight, so, it is easier on my mother, me, my situation. i know that it teaches you to save money and not just spend it on what ever. i need it for college and it is a really good thing. it is positive and promotes
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life. you do not have to stay in the hood for your whole life. you can do something. thank you. [applause] >> i would like to thank you, thank everyone that supported funding of the garden project. i would like to express how this job helps all of the young, black men that could be out there on the streets. it gives us a second chance. we could be out there on the streets doing who knows what. i would like to thank everyone from the garden project. especially miss catherine [unintelligible] [applause] the job also helps like all of
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our families. as monique says, time is hard, money is hard to come by, especially jobs like this one. it helps the community and i would like to say thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> hello. my name is catherine. i am very proud to come here again, to thank you all and the commissioners, to tell you that we are employing, with your help, 146 young people. [applause] i also wanted to tell you that 70 of them live in this neighborhood.
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the others live in the fillmore district. every day that they come to work, many of them -- our youngest is 12 and will be 13 tomorrow. many of them are the only breadwinners in their family. jackie did not mention the fact that she is the person who is bringing home the chance for her family, making sure that her brothers and sisters will be ok while unemployed. after 32 years in the sheriff's department, what i know is that jobs keep people out of jail. [applause] i also know that my parents, every day they got up and went to work. what did you do when there is no parent? where do you learn that from? what i believe we are doing with the help of the sheriff's
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department and this community, we are teaching young people have to work. the work that they do is impressive. something that is a lasting contribution to the city. i urge all of you to support this effort and continue to help us help each other make a difference. i know that there is no reason why anyone in this community should be hungry. last year we grew 35 tout -- 35 tons of vegetables. we did that. people that have never worked before did that. with the help of mr. tilly, i cannot tell you all of the different people who have come to say, yes, thank you for the work. here is money to do it. they understand that in order to do this, you need a job.
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you need to learn how to work. i am dedicated with all of these dedicated people. i thank you all and i want to say that san francisco should be really proud of what we are doing. [applause] thank you. >> i just wanted to say thank- you to catherine. thank you for your continued good work. let's keep taking public comment. i apologize for running over. i think it is important to hear these positive experiences from the community. >> when i saw catherine and all
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of the kids, i had to come up here to let you know that in san francisco, the garden project is one of the finest programs we have ever had in this city for decades. when the kids come here and tell you about their jobs, we have all of these kids that need training. as a longtime policy maker and member of this community, i would like to make a pitch to you community -- commissioners and members of the committee [unintelligible] as long as we are in this community, we will make sure that everyone coming out to this country, the garden project must have a share of that.
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support on the ground is that a lot of people talk. the garden project has sustained the youth of this community, working with them, we are honored to do the kind of work you are -- that you are doing the kind of work you are doing. i can make the pitch for you that all of you policy people out here, help us to make sure that they do not have all of the benefits. making sure that the people without benefits have your time. >> i would be remiss in my responsibilities if i did not
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think cathy for the wonderful job she has been doing since 1982. i really have to thank these young brothers and sisters that spoke before you. one day i envision looking out here and seeing, one day soon, i hope, one of these youngsters, or at least a black individual on this commission. you know what i am saying belloc's so that it will be reflective of the community. i do appreciate. i really wanted to say that i appreciate this program. in the jail and a lot of people on parole would die and be so
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eager to get into her program and continue in their program, as they did. i wanted to know how much i appreciate that. thank you. [applause] >> sorry that i did not speak earlier. i am very grateful to be a part of miss catherine's program. she is just like a very strong woman, very committed who is willing to help and knows what needs to be done. always telling us that if you think you are done, you are not. there is always a job to be done. she is the embodiment of a hard, strong working women, working
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with kids who have no direction to go in. she is a leader and she leads us. like, you know, it is kind of like we are plants and miss catherine is the light that helps us grow. without her i would probably be unemployed, sitting at home, not doing anything. she really gives us a breath of fresh air. something to do, giving us somewhere to go from 8 to 12. the money is good. she makes sure that everything gets done right and we have an opportunity coming out here to speak to you. is an experience that most children and kids of our age and ethnicity do not kid a chance to do. miss catherine has opened a
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bunch of doors and opportunities and we are very, very, very grateful. thank you. [applause] >> commissioner thorez >> i wanted to address the young people and let you know that i have been pretty impressed with people most of my life. i thought i had met a lot of impressive people, from coast to presidents, but you are the future and you have really touched my heart. [applause] i just want to wish you well. you have had an incredible feature who has blessed your lives, but you have also given blessings back and we are very proud of you. [applause]